Product Descriptions

Monday's not bossy- she's just the boss. Focused and capable, Monday believes in Inbox Zero and sharp tailoring. Her natural habitat? A corner office, possibly the Oval Office. (Monday's job title always contains the word "chief," so we're not ruling out "Commander in Chief.")

How does she do it all? Caffeine, of course. The London Fog latte is Arielle's favorite form of Monday motivation: invigorating lavender, refreshing Earl Grey tea, and soothing steamed milk. Turns out those ingredients make equally irresistible perfume notes. So go ahead: spray yourself a cup of ambition.


Natural Habitat: A corner office, possibly the Oval Office. (It's not such a huge leap from Chief Executive Officer to Commander in Chief.)

Loves: Inbox Zero. Sharp tailoring. Third thing.]

Loathes: Glass ceilings. Insufficiently structured meetings. Decaf. 

Signature Accessory: The nicest purse in the room. (Any room.) Something structured, with a discreet, understated designer logo, probably black, possibly red. And yes, she worked her ass off for it.

Signature Beverage: London Fog (an earl grey latte). [Line about it being a tiny indulgence]


How does Monday smell?

Refreshing. Invigorating. Bergamot and lavender brighten bracing Earl Grey tea; steamed milk and vanilla gently hint at creamy sweetness. Monday shares more than a few notes with the London Fog (an Earl Grey latte), our favorite form of Monday motivation.

How does Monday make you feel?

Focused. Well-tailored. Eyes on the prize. Goals within reach. A London Fog or two away from becoming your boss' boss.