Pint-Sized Perfumes

Tiny kittens. Mini-bar Svedka bottles. What makes miniature things so inherently adorable? Is it the Peter Dinklage effect? (It's totally the Peter Dinklage effect.)

It's totally the Peter Dinklage effect.
Dinklage dimples! We are not worthy!

For definitive proof that bigger isn't always better, look no further than fragrance minis. Fun-sized fragrances are the perfect low-cost, low-risk way to try a new scent without committing to a huge bottle. And it's not just our commitment issues talking; minis are a lot more convenient to toss into your purse/briefcase/man purse than lugging a full-size bottle around. 

Yes, small things clearly come in small packages, but what kind of package? You'll find three formats of fragrance minis: sprays, rollerballs, and dabbers. Read on for an excessively thorough comparison of all three methods.



-Spray distributes fragrance in an even mist 
-Least likely to leak 
-Refillable (if the brand offers refills) 
-Portable and convenient for travel


        -Fragrances project farther than applying directly to the skin. Pro if you don't mind a little sillage;  Con if you're in a fragrance-free environment. 


          -Too convenient??



            -Lets you control the location and amount of fragrance being applied 
            -Portable and convenient for travel


              -Fragrance stays closer to the skin. Pro if you prefer to keep your perfume a private affair; Con if  you want your fragrance to have a little more presence. 


                -Significantly more likely to leak. I'm not sure why, but I have a substantial amount of anecdotal  evidence. 



                    -So cute! Much more aesthetically appealing than boring cylinders.
                    -Portable and convenient for travel


                      -Fragrance stays closer to the skin. Pro if you prefer to keep your perfume a private affair; Con if  you want your fragrance to have a little more presence. 


                        -Offers the least amount of control over fragrance application
                        -Absolutely will spill in your purse. (Why, Miss Dior Cherie, why?)

                          Which type of fragrance mini do you prefer? Any tragic stories of rollerball leaks? Please feel free to share with us in the comments!

                          Disclaimer: All products featured in this post are my own purchases. 


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