Boy Smells

Rhubarb Smoke Candle

$ 44.00

Let Rhubarb Smoke's guiding fragrance reveal to you a new perspective. This scent of divine papyrus mixed with burning incense and brewing black tea will give subconscious insights. A damp, forestral scent creates a new space for clear vision of what lies ahead. Notes of white birch, lush ivy and wild figs intertwine to create a scent with deep roots that extend deep into the past, while rhubarb and violet leaves reveal new growth ahead. Let the flickering flame illuminate your fruitful future with Rhubarb Smoke. 50 hour burn time.

Style: Fruity, Smoky

Perfumer: Matthew Herman and David Kien

Notes: Incense, Rhubarb, Violet Leaves, Black Tea, Birch, Smoked Papyrus, Tanned Leather

8.5 oz

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