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Hinoki Fantôme

$ 98.00

This Eau de Parfum is an elevated, ethereal rendition of the illustrious HINOKI FANTÔME candle. A resinous combination of warming and sacred Japanese hinoki woods and earthy spice. Notes of grounding tobacco leaves, oakmoss and smoked leather are all uniquely wrapped in a rich, amber glow. Additions of creamed orris and patchouli smoke make this fragrance complex, but still well balanced. Take the meditative warmth of Hinoki’s wood-smoked accord wherever you are with the GENDERFUL™ Fine Fragrance version of everyone's favorite scent.

Style: Woods, Smoky

Perfumer: Unknown!

Notes: Cypress, Black Pepper, Olibanum, Tobacco Leaves, Oakmoss, Smoked Leather, Cypriol, Cistus, Orris, Cedarwood Atlas, Hinoki, Fir Balsam, Patchouli

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