Why Niche?

Niche Fragrance 
(/niCH ˈfrāɡrəns/)
1. Fragrances created by small, independent perfume brands.
2. Available at a limited number of retailers due to small-scale production. 
We chose niche fragrances because those small, independent perfumers have more creative freedom and flexibility than the big guys. A mainstream perfume brand has thousands of stockholders to keep happy, and the easiest way to do that is to make safe perfumes. Perfumes that you know will sell well, because it smells just like the last ten perfumes that sold well. Perfumes carefully calculated to appeal to the largest group possible. 
Niche brands don't have to play it safe. They can make bolder, more personal fragrances, fragrances that smell like rain or libraries or your favorite cocktail. Fragrances as interesting as you are. We think you'll smell the difference.