We're thrilled to welcome you back to Arielle Shoshana! We've implemented a few new safety measures to make sure we can all sniff safely:

1) Please wear a mask and gloves when you enter the shop. If you do not have a mask or gloves, we are happy to provide both! Our staff will wear masks and gloves at all times.

2) Please throw away your scent strips into one of our wastebaskets placed throughout the store after you are finished with them.

3) Please maintain 6 feet of distance from your fellow customers and from our staff. We'll have tape on the floors as a guideline!

4) We are currently limiting the number of people (customers and staff) inside the store at one time to 10 or fewer.

5) We are offering curbside pickup through our website! We're also offering appointments for anyone who would feel safest sniffing during a time when the shop is not open to the public. Please email us at info@arielleshoshana.com or call us at 571-308-3182 to schedule an appointment. Our available time-slots are 10 AM-11 AM Monday-Sunday, and 7 PM-8 PM Monday-Saturday.

6) We now accept contactless payment methods: Apple Pay and Google Pay!

7) We will be sterilizing our perfume bottles, payment surfaces, and high-traffic areas (including our couch and coffee table) between customers and before closing each day.

Thank you so much for all your support over the past months! We can't wait to see you soon!