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Are these fragrances for women or for men? 

All of our fragrances are 100% unisex, and can be enjoyed by all genders. 

Do these fragrances contain synthetics?

Yes. All of our fragrance brands use a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients. The synthetic ingredients used in perfumery undergo extensive testing for safety and allergenic potential. In fact, many natural materials have recently been restricted by IFRA for their allergenic risk, including lemon, vanilla, oakmoss, and carnation. 

What's the difference between Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, and all those other ones?

"Eau de..." refers to the concentration of fragrance oil in a perfume. The traditional definitions:

Eau de Toilette: 4-10% concentration of fragrance oil

Eau de Parfum: 8-15% concentration of fragrance oil

Parfum/Extrait: 15-25% concentration of fragrance oil

Eau de Toilette is the lightest version of a fragrance, Eau de Parfum is the standard fragrance concentration, and Parfum is the strongest and most long-lasting [concentration].